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WINDSLYCE is a range of Full Batten Mainsail Equipment, Mainsheet Travellers and Recirculating Ball products produced by AUSMAN ENGINEERING and ASSOCIATES Pty Ltd.

Ausman Engineering has sold the Windslyce RCB Traveller systems product range to Keeley Marine. rom the 1st June 2018 Keeley Marine will manufacture and supply the full range of Windslyce travellers and Full batten main systems.

Mr Karl Muller is the sales representative for the Windslyce product range and can be contacted on (03) 9555 4622 or 0490 060 939 or by email

Our products are used outside our control and in many cases with indeterminate loading conditions. It is necessary in many cases for owners and yachting professionals to work with very fine safety margins in order to minimise weight, using experience of what did not break in the past is OK in the future.

For this reason, we limit our liability for consequential losses and damages to the maximum extent permitted by law.

Any equipment which fails due to defective workmanship or materials within 12 months of sale will be replaced or repaired free of charge. Distance charges to and from our works will be to the users account.

This limitation of liability is not diminished by our policy of welcoming returned or failed equipment even when there is no fault on our part.

A Class Catamaran with Windslyce main traveller