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Full Batten Mainsail Systems
Cradle cover with lazy jacks on a 33ft (10m) Van der Stadt A code 1_37HB installation
1_37HB Batten Car with shackle and pad (200kg load, 130gm weight) and 1_R_50 + GSS Car (200kg load, 270gm weight) suitable for < 500 sq ft modest roach mainsails
2_R_100BAT and GOOS as used on a 92ft (28m) monohull, 2_R_100BAT is a 2,000kg load, 753gm weight code 2 batten car. GOOS is a 1,000kg load batten gooseneck system weighing 610gm
2 x 1_R_75/DUAL Articulated Head Board Car on 2 1_75X cars, load 1,000kg, weight 555gm
Articulated Head Board Car on 4 x 1_R_50/QUAD cars, load 2,000kg, weight 1,400gm
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Code 1 Composite Cars
1_360PYF_CLT PYF composite car with sheaves, saddle and camplate, load 250kg, weight of whole assembly 326gm
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Mainsheet and Outhaul Systems
I_TV62 plus camplates on I_BEAM_xxx I beam track (19mm)
1_50SHEV x 2 with 1_ANC_CAM heavy duty track anchor with 2 sheaves and cam cleat
1_50 sheave with MTANG
1_100H Standard code 1 traveller with swing shackle and 2_MTANGS
1_50MOSQ Traveller with single line control for small cats
1_OUTHEV Heavy outhaul for twisting booms
E22 2x50ART Articulated system for E22 curved tracks
1_OUT Outhaul system for main on 1_100 car

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1_25S Anchor for control block
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