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Code 1 Headboard Carrier




    How can an Australian manufacturer compete ?

    • Our methedology, Pofessional engineering design, Service feedback, World class manufacturing subcontractors, best materials, function before fashion
    • Successful export gives fixed cost reductions
    • WINDSLYCE spends its customers money wisely
    • Widest range of equipment to give optimum solutions with standard components
    • We buy the best components
        EG: Torlon load balls
    • Just ask any of our many users

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Choosing Sizes

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Full Batten Main Systems

    Why use an RCB full batten main system ?
    • Safe mainsail handling
    • Convenient working with minimum crew on deck

    Why are WINDSLYCE systems so popular ?

    • Lowest ownership costs
    • Reliability
    • WINDSLYCE have focused considerable resources backed with intimate experience of all systems to ensure their systems are flexible and superior
    • WINDSLYCE involvement with other yachting professionals, has developed the total system. Not just their manufacture

    How much will it cost ? Typically:

    • 35ft monohull with modest roach $1,800
    • 40ft Monohull or 30ft cat wit big roach $2,800
    • 60ft cat $12,000

      Send us your specifications and we will give you a comprehensive quote

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Failures and Breakages

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Substitutes and Replacement Parts

  • Code 1 is interchangeable with old Harken system A and small boat deck travellers
  • Code 1 car ends can be substituted for Harken ends
  • Code B fits Harken and Ronstan 26mm tracks
  • Code C fits Harken and Ronstan 30mm tracks

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The History of WINDSLYCE

  • WINDSLYCE was started by Norman Longworth in 1992
  • Over 2500 travellers are in service today, Worldwide
  • We own a portfolio of IP, particularly the TEFLON lubricating ball, the patent specification of which makes a very interesting read. This invention really works and is licenced for manufacture both in Australia and overseas.
  • All equipment is designed and tested by engineers

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